Dryland Farms
Quality Maltipoo and Maltitzu  Puppies in Central Washington State
Our Lovely Ladies


Sophie is now retired and spends her days lounging on the bed soaking up the sun. She has earned her place in our hearts as our first toy poodle female. She is the mother of both Panda and Buttercream and passed on her wonderful calm personality and love of life. We are so blessed to have her in our family.


Buttercream is Sophie and Piper's daughter and such a little love. She is a sweet girl with a quiet demeanor. She is a great mother and has been known to try to raise other dogs puppies as her own. 


Bella came to us about a year and a half ago. She is the boss of the family keeping the other dogs in line. She loves to run and play in the yard but also enjoys a good snuggle at bedtime.


Poppy is a beautiful red/ dark apricot color and her puppies show it. She is a clown who loves to show off .  She is an amazing mother and a great little companion.


Panda is a daughter of Sophie and Spider. You can definately see the Velvet Touch lines in her as she is a tiny little princess. She is our smallest girl and usually has teeny tiny little puppies. Some of her puppies have stayed in the 2 pound range fully grown!!


Chewy is one of our Shih Tzu girls. She is a quiet girl who likes to hang out in bed and sleep. Dont let that fool you though!  She has been known to get into quite the mischief when you least expect it. She is a beautiful brown brindle color.


Faith is our other little Shih Tzu girl. She is black and white and just as cute as can be.  She has never barked!! She loves everyone and has never met a stranger. She is just such a happy little girl all the time.

The Boys


Piper is now retired but he was our original breeding male. He is a beautiful white/cream sable color. As a puppy he was brown with black hairs mixed in but true to poodle genetics he turned white with just a few black hairs in his ears and little mustache.  Piper is the father of Buttercream.


Saddly we lost Spider a few years ago to a tragic disease.  He was an amazing little dog out of some great lines. He was from the Velvet Touch line of poodles. They are well known for their tiny size and beautiful faces. With his solid black coat and big eyes he was a sight to behold. Spider is the father of Panda. 
He will forever be missed


Buddy is one of our little Maltese males. He can walk on his hind legs and prance around just like a little circus dog.  He has a great personality and the awesome Maltese looks.


Bentley is our other Maltese male. He is best know for always carrying around a sock in his mouth. When he wants your attention he will make little grunting sounds. He produces beautiful little puppies and is a great dad always helping out with the babies.